Logistics Branch Transfer

Branch transfer

Active/USAR officers may branch transfer into the logistics branch at the rank of captain if they have less than 9 years of active Federal commissioned service. Transfer authorizations are based on the needs of the Army and may not be available year-to-year. The following rules apply for request for transfer:

(1) The officer prepares a DA Form 4187 through HRC’s sustainment captain’s career field manager to the Logistics Branch Proponency Office requesting transfer to the logistics branch. The packet must include the reason for the request and the officer’s choice for basic branch affiliation in Transportation, Ordnance, or Quartermaster. Based on manning requirements, the Logistics Branch Proponency Office determines if there is a valid requirement and if the officer’s skill sets support transfer. The Logistics Branch Proponency Office forwards its decision to HRC. If the losing branch releases the officer to Logistics branch, HRC assigns regimental affiliation and reviews the officer’s future assignment and professional education requirements. If the losing branch disapproves the branch transfer, then the transfer packet is reviewed by the CG, HRC for final adjudication and determination.

(2) Upon acceptance into the logistics branch, officers must complete the prerequisite training before transition is complete. Captains who have not yet attended a CCC must attend the LOG C3.

(3) Officers who did not complete a logistics CCC must complete LOG C3 or phase I and III of a logistics RC CCC (Transportation, Ordnance, or Quartermaster).

(4) Upon completion of PME, HRC awards the officer their regimental affiliation in Transportation, Ordnance, or Quartermaster and then assigns the officer to the logistics branch.

(5) ARNG and USAR officers are eligible for transfer to the logistics branch from the rank of captain to major. See paragraph 6 for details. ARNG and USAR officers are eligible to branch transfer at the rank of captain to major with less than 18 years’ service or a major that has completed a KD assignment (that is, battalion XO, battalion S3).

Last Updated: 3 April, 2024