TLC - Prerequisites

Prerequisite Courses

The course description in ATRRS and in welcome letters (emails) will provide a listing of course specific pre-requisites.

  • Action Officer Development Course (AODC)
  • Master Resilience Training
  • OPSEC Certificate
  • Antiterrorism Certificate
  • Equal Employment Opportunity for Supervisors and Managers Certificate.
    Search for this course in ALMS. (Course EEO_203B_)
  • Commanders Safety Course (WOAC, all Proponents). This course must be completed prior to arrival, and you must email a copy of your certificate to your SGL (no time limit on the completion date for past certificates). To register, go to ATRRS Self Development/Distance Learning in the ATRRS Channel Directory, search and register for 2G-F94V3.1 - Commanders Safety Course. After ATRRS notifies you that you are registered, login to the ALMS at, select Current Enrollments and complete your training.

Last Updated: 27 April, 2023