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Our students take the Logistics Captain's Career Course (LOG-C3) at Fort Lee, VA 23801. There are separate requirements for the active duty resident Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3) Course # 8-10-C22 and the reserve components Captain Career Course (RC-C3).

Resident AD Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3)

The resident portion of LOG-C3 is 20 weeks and divided into two phases. LOG-C3 provides company grade officers an advanced learning environment focused on staff officer planning, company command, multifunctional logistics at the tactical and operational levels and exposure to Unified Action Partners (UAP). Call 804-765-8401 for further information.

Reserve Component Logistics Captains Career Course (RC LOG C3)

The Reserve Component Captains Career Course (RC-CCC) is a two phased training strategy managed by the Army Logistics University and provides the same educational outcomes as the active duty LOG C3;

Prerequisite – The distance learning prerequisite includes 60 hours of common core curriculum focusing on leadership and planning, and common warfighting skills. This curriculum is written and managed by the Midgrade Learning Continuum (MLC), Combined Arms Center (CAC).

Phase 1 - Logistics Phase (120 hours) provides students in-depth functional training in five major areas: Sustainment Overview, Quartermaster, Transportation, Ordnance and Army Health System and Support. See PH1 course map in Enclosure 1.

Phase 2 - Plans Phase (118 hours) consists of multiple assessed group planning exercises, with a culminating Concept of Support (CoS). It also includes an additional 30 hours of common core, to include the Army Profession, Mission Command, Operations, and the Operations Process.

Fiscal Year 2019 COURSE REDESIGN

RC-LOGC3 will be redesigned to a two-phase course with the pre-requisite of completing the Sustainment Learning Assessment on ALMS (previously Phase 2) prior to attending the resident phases. Phase 1 is a two-week resident course, Course 9-00-C23 (RC), Multifunctional Logistics. Phase 2 is a two week resident course, Course 9-00-C23 (RC), Multifunctional Logistics. More information about these courses can be found in ATRRS by searching by the course number under Fiscal Year 2019. For any further questions, please call the Course Manager at 804-765-8481. You can also go to the Officer, CCTD tab on the ALU web page.

Last Updated: 13 September, 2021