Logistics Branch Proponency Office


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Serves as the executing agent for the CG, CASCOM and SCoE as theLogistics (LG) branch Proponent and for all matters related tosustainment branches policy and procedures including oversight of 57MOSs (163,750 Soldiers). Therefore, as the umbrella PersonnelDevelopment Office for the sustainment community, the Logistics branchcoordinates and synchronizes all personnel proponency actions amongstsustainment branches (Finance Management, Human Resources, Transportation, Quartermaster,and Ordnance officers); develop professional development models as per DA Pam 600-3, DA Pam611-21, AR 5-22, AR 600-3 and DA Pam 600-25 for all logistics components. Additionally, serves ascoordinating agency for officers and senior NCOs’ promotions and centralized selection list (CSL)board guidance and as the executive agent for ASIs/SIs; provides input and changes to policiessurrounding the Army's Force Modernization Program; integrates contemporary sustainmentDOTMLPF requirements within all eight personnel life-cycle functions (structure, acquisition,distribution, sustainment, separation, deployment, individual training, and professionaldevelopment); operates as chief executive office for associated training with industry andadvanced degree programs; serves as member of Officer Personnel Management System Councilof Colonels; ensures that personnel management policies, programs, and procedures areestablished in conjunction with HRC, HQDA G-1/4, TRADOC and ACOMs and incorporates LGconsiderations.

Last Updated: 2 March, 2023