Functional Courses

College of Professional and Continuing Education

CPCE offers the following courses for students:

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Analysis Techniques - iLog

Army Maintenance Management

Army Secondary Item Management

Capabilities Development Course

Capabilities, Training & Doctrine Development Integration

Capstone - iLog

Data Analysis and Visualization Course (DAV)

Data Analytics - iLog

Defense Demilitarization and Trade Security Control Program

Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling

Defense Hazardous Waste (Refresher)

Defense Logistics Enterprise, Resource Management, Supply Chain - iLog

Doctrine Developers

Enterprise Business Management Course (EBMC)

Enterprise Resource Planning / SAP - iLog

FA 49 Qualification

International Officer Logistics Preparatory

Joint Logistics

LMP Applications

LMP Fundamentals

Logistics Assistance Program - Operations

Logistics Assistance Program - Senior Manager

Maintenance and Transportation Mgt - iLog

Major Item Management

Manpower and Force Management

Master Logistician Course (MLC)

Operational Contract Support

ORSA Familiariation

Organizational Leadership and Communication - iLog

ORSA Military Applications

Supply Chain Management Course (SCM)


Transportation Management Course PH 1

Transportation Management Course PH 2

Courses Taught by LLC

Support Operations

Theater Sustainment Planners

GCSS-Army Middle Managers

Sustainment Automation Support Management Office

Sustainment Pre-Command

Last Updated: 27 May, 2020