Functional Courses

College of Professional and Continuing Education

CALOS offers the following courses for students:

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Analysis Techniques for Decision Making

Army Maintenance Management

Army Secondary Item Management

Capabilities Development Course

Capabilities, Training & Doctrine Development Integration

Logistics Apprentice Capstone

Data Analysis and Visualization Course (DAV)

Operational Analytics

Defense Demilitarization and Trade Security Control Program

Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling

Defense Hazardous Waste (Refresher)

Defense Logistics Enterprise

Doctrine Developers

Enterprise Business Management Course (EBMC)

Enterprise Resource Planning

FA 49 Qualification

International Officer Logistics Preparatory

Joint Logistics

LMP Applications

LMP Fundamentals

Logistics Assistance Program - Operations

Logistics Assistance Program - Senior Manager

Maintenance and Transportation Mgt

Major Item Management

Master Logistician Course (MLC)

Operational Contract Support

ORSA Familiariation

Organizational and Leadership Communication

ORSA Military Applications

Supply Chain Management Course (SCM)


Transportation Management Phase 1

Transportation Management Phase 2

Courses Taught by LLC

Support Operations

Theater Sustainment Planners

GCSS-Army Middle Managers

Sustainment Automation Support Management Office

Sustainment Pre-Command

Last Updated: 13 January, 2022