About ALU


Train, educate, develop and certify Army and Joint professionals in logistics, operations sciences, and leadership.


Empower multifunctional Sustainment professionals inspired through lifelong learning with the qualities to achieve victory.


ALU will develop leaders who are:
• Warfighting focused and globally aware
• Confident and competent
• Inclusive and cohesive
• Innovative and adaptive
• Stewards of the profession


Welcome to the Army Logistics University (ALU). ALU is a composite campus for military and DoD logistics leader education. The campus is a “state of the art” learning center that enables professional military education, civilian education, and joint, multinational, and interagency education supporting America’s Army logistics leaders.

The ALU campus consists of two university buildings that provide over 200 multi-use, reconfigurable class rooms, facilitating web-based teleconferencing, symposiums, and conferences. Nine conference rooms accommodate ALU staff and faculty meetings and conferences. Classroom technologies include interactive whiteboards and instructor-controlled work-stations that interface with student computers. ALU’s classrooms accommodate small groups of 20, and can be reconfigured to support up to 48 students. Twenty computer laboratories allow students to train on modern Army systems. Cameras in each classroom facilitate projects, presentations and communication on a global scale.

The Army Logistics Research Library contains consolidated collections from the Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Transportation Schools, as well as the College of Professional and Continuing Education. A community library is co-located with the ALU Research Library and contains leisure reading materials for students, residents of Fort Lee and the surrounding communities. Additional library amenities include 60 public access workstations, student study areas, and small team rooms.

ALU provides support to the Army Sustainment Professional Bulletin, a primary source of information on past, present, and future sustainment trends, initiatives, and operations for sustainers around the world. Formerly known as the Army Logistician, this 4-time Secretary of the Army Editor of the Year Award winner and winner of the Most Improved Publication continues as a valuable source for sustainers.

The Simulation and Training Center, or STC, is co-located on the University grounds. The STC supports the university education programs as well as collective sustainment training exercises.

ALU comes complete with a variety of dining options, mini-retail, a full service barber shop, classroom and library facilities, a simulation center, lodging, dining, and a fitness center.

ALU comprises 3 colleges and an Academy for military and civilian logistics leaders.

The Logistics Leaders College conducts professional military education for officers ranging from Lieutenants through Colonels. The Basic Officer Leader Course for Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Transportation Lieutenants, the Logistics Captains Career Course, key functional courses such as the Support Operations Course, and pre-command courses prepare Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels for command of logistics formations, are all conducted by the Logistics Leaders College.

The College of Applied Logistics and Operational Studies (CALOS) conducts functional education and training of military and civilian students in the areas of joint, multi-national, operational, and strategic level logistics; operations research systems analysis (ORSA) education for the Army’s officers and civilian interns entering the ORSA career field; and acquisition and contracting education for both acquisition career field officers and civilians, and non-contracting professionals in the area of operational contracting support. The Intern Logistics Studies Program (iLog) prepares civilian interns for future leadership positions in Army logistics.

Instruction at the Logistics Non-Commissioned Officer Academy include professional military education for all Quartermaster, Ordnance and Transportation non-commissioned officers at the staff-sergeant and sergeant first class levels, attending their advanced and senior leader courses. As logistics branches make up between 30-40 percent of the Army’s enlisted forces, this sustainment training for the NCO backbone of the Army keeps America’s Army supplied and maintained on time, every time.

The Technical Logistics College conducts professional military education for Quartermaster, Ordnance and Transportation warrant officers at the basic and advanced levels. As our technical sustainment experts in the field, warrant officer education and training remains highly specialized and detailed.

International Military Students from over 80 countries train at ALU in many of aforementioned courses.

In summary, ALU trains, educates, develops and certifies Army and Joint professionals in logistics, operations sciences, and leadership.


Last Updated: 10 February, 2022