Logistics Leader College (LLC)


The Logistics Leader College develops sustainment leaders through officer and Multifunctional logistics leader education and development opportunities.


The Logistics Leaders College conducts professional military education for officers ranging from Lieutenants through Colonels. The Basic Officer Leader Course for Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Transportation Lieutenants, the Logistics Captains Career Course, key functional courses such as the Support Operations Course, and pre-command courses prepare Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels for command of logistics formations, are all conducted by the Logistics Leaders College.

• Basic Officer Leader Courses (BOLCs): BOLCs prepares lieutenants to serve in their accessed basic branches (Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Transportation). Preparing newly commissioned officers for their first duty assignment and instilling the Army Profession.

• Logistics Captains Career Courses (LOG C3): LOG C3 develops, trains, and educates company level officers for duty as multifunctional logisticians. Creating agile leaders for success as company commanders and brigade/battalion staff officers.

• Support Operations Course (SOC): SOC educates, trains, and develops tactical and operational logistics leaders to be effective in a support operations role. Developing adaptability, facilitating competence, enhancing problem-solving skills.

• Theater Sustainment Planners Course (TSPC): TSPC educates, trains, and develops sustainment planners in unified action at the operational level of war. Developing critical thinking skills and abilities to solve complex sustainment problems.

• GCSS-A Middle Manager's (MMC): MMC educates, trains, and develops managers in planning, analysis, and materiel management through Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Developing critical thinking skills and abilities to analyze and solve complex sustainment problems through ERPs.

• Sustainment Automation Support Management (SASMO): Provide Students with the functional and technical skills required to establish, manage and sustain Army sustainment information networks. Training includes installing, testing, diagnostics, and troubleshooting of information system software and hardware ensuring mission accomplishment.

• Pre-Command Courses (PCCs): PCC delivers relevant content to battalion and brigade commanders to support Chief of Staff of the Army's and CASCOM priorities. Fostering mission command knowledge and principles to enable commanders to effectively lead sustainment organizations.

Last Updated: 13 June, 2022