Welcome to the Logistics Basic Officer Leader Course.

On behalf of the Army Sustainment University (ASU) leadership, Welcome to the Logistics Basic Officer Leader Course! Please carefully review the Commandant’s Welcome Letters to both Professors of Military Science Programs and Newly Commissioned Officers.

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Mission: Train newly commissioned officers/lieutenants, Department of the Army Civilians, and International Military Officers with the skills needed to overcome challenges and succeed in their first unit of assignment by creating, maintaining, and cultivating a learning environment that fosters the development of leadership, problem-solving, and technical skills.

Module Overview :

Army Profession

The Army Profession module encompasses a comprehensive set of values, skills, and responsibilities, including Values and Ethics, Leadership Development, Professional Competence, Soldier and Team Development, and Adherence to Legal and Regulatory Standards.

Building Readiness

The Building Readiness module is a critical component for newly commissioned officers, playing a vital role in enhancing the overall preparedness of their units and ensuring they possess the capability to execute missions effectively. The following key elements are outlined in this module: Mission Preparation, Training and Exercises, Equipment Maintenance, Personnel Readiness, Logistical Support, Risk Management, Communication and Coordination.

Convoy Operations

The Convoy Operations module serves as a dynamic training ground, allowing newly commissioned officers to hone their leadership, tactical, and logistical skills in real-world scenarios. The challenges and complexities encountered during convoy operations contribute significantly to the well-rounded development of lieutenants within the military profession. The following key elements are outlined in this module: Leadership Skills, Tactical and Technical Proficiency, Decision Making, Communication skills, Risk Managements, Logistical Coordination, and Operational Understanding.

Pre-Deployment/Deployment Operations

The Pre-Deployment/Deployment Operations modules equip newly commissioned officers with a solid understanding of pre-deployment and deployment operations which is foundational for the development of newly commissioned officers, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities inherent in military service. It shapes them into well-rounded leaders capable of effectively executing missions and contributing to the success of their units and the broader military objectives.

Unit Training Management

The Unit Training management module is essential for officers as it directly influences the combat readiness, effectiveness, and cohesion of military units. Officers who excel in training management contribute significantly to the overall success of their units in a wide range of operational concepts.

Large-Scale Combat Operations

Understanding Large-Scale Combat Operations is crucial for newly commissioned officers as it prepares them for the challenges of leading in complex, dynamic, and high-stakes military environments. Proficiency in large-scale combat operations is integral to achieving strategic objectives and ensuring the success of military campaigns. Officers with this understanding are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of modern warfare and contribute effectively to the defense and security of their nations.

Logistics Exercise (LOGEX)

Provides newly commissioned officers with practical training in the critical aspects of sustaining military operations. Proficiency in logistics is essential for maintaining the readiness of units, supporting combat forces, and ensuring the overall success of military missions. Officers who excel in logistics exercises contribute significantly to the effectiveness and efficiency of military operations, ultimately enhancing the capabilities of their units and the broader military force.


This module will focus primarily on enabling newly commissioned officers to make informed decisions, coordinate movements, and effectively execute missions, contributing to the overall success of military operations

Physical Fitness Assessments

Students must be prepared to pass the following physical fitness requirements: 4 mile run under 36 minutes, 12-mile foot march, and the Army Combat Fitness Test. Along with meeting all height and weight standards IAW AR 350-1 and AR 600-1. In the event, any student exceeds 4% (the Army standard), they be placed in a student hold status until they have met the requirements or separated from the Army.

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Last Updated: 2 February, 2024