IMSO - Inprocessing

Inprocessing for IMSO

  • Retrieve your welcome bag at the front desk of IHG Lodging, inside the bag you will find reporting instructions.
  • Report to the International Military Student Office (IMSO) in Room 1420 at the Army Logistics University (ALU), Bldg 12420
  • Be in uniform and bring the following with you:
    • International Travel Orders
    • Passport & Visa
    • Airline Ticket & Itinerary
    • ID Card (if you have it)(if any family members have U.S. Military ID, Please bring the cards)
    • Lodging Address (Building and Room Number) or address if outside of Fort Lee
    • Phone Number (if in lodging, please know your extension)
    • Medical Information (DD Form 2807-1 and DD Form 2808)
    • Student Information Sheet
  • Please download and read the IMSO Student Handbook

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2019