Functional Education & Training


Enhance the logistics capability and sustainability of US forces by educating and developing leaders in enterprise logistics, data analysis, requirements development, and operations research/systems analysis.


CALOS consists of five committees: Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) Committee; Enterprise Management Committee; Defense Logistics Committee; Contracting Support & Requirements Committee; and an Applied Logistics Committee. The College educates and trains in joint and tactical logistics, Defense logistics, ORSA, non-acquisition operational contract support, and requirements development. CALOS provides career development education for joint military and enterprise logisticians, to include entry-to-executive level Army civilian logisticians; and provides corporate development of specialties under the sponsorship of: US Army Materiel Command (AMC); Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA); Office of Business Transformation (OBT); Army DCS G-4 Functional Chief for the Logistics Career Field; Army Futures Command; Defense Logistics Agency; Army DCS G-8; Joint Staff J-4.


Be the leading institution for enterprise logistics functional training, data analysis, and operations research/systems analysis education.

Last Updated: 17 October, 2022