Subscribing to Army Sustainment

Unpaid subscriptions
(for those units and individuals with a valid operational or professional development need for printed copies of ASPB):

Unpaid subscriptions to Army Sustainment Professional Bulletin are intended for units and individuals in the sustainment warfighting function or with a valid professional or operational need for the publication. These include sustainment units across the Army, academic institutions, and libraries, as well as joint and multinational individuals or organizations with a vested interest in U.S. Army sustainment operations. These subscriptions are managed directly by the editorial offices of ASPB. Distribution of printed copies of ASPB to units and individuals is managed and determined based on the professional development needs of the force.

ASPB reserves the authority to approve or deny subscription requests based on the operational and professional development needs of the force.

Requesting an unpaid subscription:

To request an unpaid subscription to ASPB, please follow the instructions below.

Include the phrase 'Unpaid Subscription Request' in the email's subject line.

All requestors should use the subscription request form to ensure all information is collected.

Under the justification section, explain why the individual or unit needs a subscription to ASPB, how many personnel are likely to read each printed issue, what the nature of the unit or individual’s work/mission is, etc.

Requesting a Private, Paid Subscriptions:
(for those who do not have an operational need for ASPB, but wish to pay for their subscription)

For private, paid subscriptions, go to and search for Stock #708-012-00000-9. Click “Add to Cart” and follow the instructions. The price for a yearly U.S. subscription is $30.00; international orders are $42.00.

Inquiries may be made by email, phone or fax, to the Customer Contact Center. (Please have your GPO Order Number ready). They are available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST (except for Federal holidays).

    Toll-Free: (866) 512-1800
    The DC Area: (202) 512-1800
    Fax: (202) 512-2104

    It is extremely important that private subscribers keep the GPO Contact Center informed of their current addresses.

    Please send subscription cancellations and refund requests to the fax number or email address shown above.