Army Sustainment Author Submission Guidelines

Download, Complete, Sign and email the following Forms:

  1. » Permission to Publish Manuscript
    » Author Bio Form for Signature
    » OPSEC_Review Form (Required for Articles from Afghanistan)

We are always looking for quality articles to share with the Army sustainment community. If you are interested in submitting an article to Army Sustainment, please follow these guidelines:

  • Download Author Guidelines
  • Ensure your article is appropriate to the publication’s subjects, which include Army logistics, human resources, and financial management.
  • ††Ensure that the article’s information is technically accurate.
  • ††Do not assume that those reading your article are Soldiers or that they have background knowledge of your subject; Army Sustainment’s readership is broad.††
  • Write your article specifically for Army Sustainment. If you have submitted your article to other publications, please let us know at the time of submission.
  • ††Keep your writing simple and straightforward.
  • ††Attribute all quotes to their correct sources.
  • ††Identify all acronyms, technical terms, and publications (for example, Field Manual [FM] 4–0, Sustainment).
  • Maximum article length is 2,500 words. A more ideal length is in the 1,200-1,500 range.
  • ††Review a past issue of the publication; it will be your best guide as you develop your article.

Submitting an Article

  • Submit your article and signed forms by email to:
  • Submit the article as a simple Microsoft Word document—not in layout format. We will determine the layout for publication.
  • Send photos as .jpg or .tif files at the highest resolution possible. Photos embedded in Word or Power-Point cannot be used.
  • Include a description of each photo in your Word document.
  • Send photos and charts as separate documents.
  • For articles intended for the Operations department, obtain an official clearance for public release, unlimited distribution, from your public affairs and operational security offices before submitting your article. We will send you the forms necessary for these clearances.
  • If you have questions about these requirements, please contact us at or (804) 765–4754.


Your submission should be geared toward one of Army Sustainment’s departments, which are described in detail below. If you have an article that does not fit into one of our departments but you think it is appropriate for our audience, feel free to contact us.

Commentary articles contain opinions and informed criticisms. Commentaries are intended to promote independent thoughts and new ideas. Commentary articles typically are 800–1,600 words.

Features includes articles that offer broader perspectives on topics that impact a large portion of our readership. These can focus on current hot topics, or the future of the force. These articles can be referenced, but it is not required if the content is within the purview of the author. While these articles can be analytic in nature and can draw conclusions, they should not be opinion pieces. Feature typically are between 1,600 and 5,000 words.

Operations includes articles that describe units’ recent deployments or operations. These articles should include lessons learned and offer suggestions for other units that will be taking on similar missions. These articles require an official clearance for open publication from the author’s unit. Photo submissions are highly encouraged in this section. Please try to include 5–10 highresolution photos of varying subject matter. Operations articles typically are 1,200–2,400 words.

Training and Education
Training and Education is dedicated to sharing new ideas and lessons learned about how Army sustainers are being taught, both on the field and in the classroom. Training and Education articles typically are 600–1,100 words.

Tools articles contain information that other units can apply directly or modify to use in their current operations. These articles typically contain charts and graphs and include detailed information regarding unit formations, systems applications, and current regulations. Tools articles typically are 600—1,800 words.

History includes articles that discuss sustainment aspects of past wars, battles, and operations. History articles should include graphics such as maps, charts, old photographs, etc., that support the content of the article. History articles typically are 1,200–3,000 words.