Army Sustainment Author Submission Guidelines

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    » Author Bio Form for Signature
    » OPSEC_Review Form (Required for Articles from Afghanistan)

We are always looking for quality articles to share with the Army sustainment community. If you are interested in submitting an article to Army Sustainment, please follow these guidelines:

  • Download Author Guidelines
  • Ensure your article is appropriate to the publication’s subjects, which include Army logistics, human resources, and financial management.
  • Ensure that the article’s information is technically accurate.
  • Do not assume that those reading your article are Soldiers or that they have background knowledge of your subject; Army Sustainment’s readership is broad.
  • Write your article specifically for Army Sustainment. If you have submitted your article to other publications, please let us know at the time of submission.
  • Keep your writing simple and straightforward.
  • Attribute all quotes to their correct sources.
  • Identify all acronyms, technical terms, and publications (for example, Field Manual [FM] 4–0, Sustainment).
  • Maximum article length is 2,500 words. A more ideal length is in the 1,200-1,500 range.
  • Review a past issue of the publication; it will be your best guide as you develop your article.

Submitting an Article

  • Submit your article and sigarmyforms by email to:
  • Submit the article as a simple Microsoft Word document—not in layout format. We will determine the layout for publication.
  • Send photos as .jpg files at 300dpi resolution or higher. Photos embedded in Word or Power-Point cannot be used.
  • Include a description of each photo in your Word document.
  • Send photos and charts as separate documents.
  • If you have questions about these requirements. Please contact is at ements, please contact us at or (804) 765–4754.
h4>Submission deadlines:

Deadline for submission of content for ASPB is no later than 75 days prior to targeted publication date. The deadlines for each quarterly issue are:

  • Winter (January-March): 15 October, the calendar year prior.
  • Spring (April-June): 15 January.
  • Summer (July to September): 15 April.
  • Fall (October-December): 15 July.

Editorial Policy

The primary intent of ASPB is to support the professional development of US Army personnel in the sustainment warfighting function by providing a professional information forum for a wide variety of professional development information focused on the sustainment warfighting function.

ASPB content:

The content of ASPB directly supports the mission of CASCOM as the Sustainment Center of Excellence with proponency for all sustainment branches, as established in AR 5–22.

Typical content for ASPB includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Technological developments in sustainment.
  • Sustainment strategy, tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Sustainment focused “How-to” pieces.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Training methods for sustainment.
  • Historical perspectives.
  • Monographs and summaries of sustainment-focused research papers.
  • Views and opinions concerning sustainment.
  • Letters to the editor when the letters’ contents relate to sustainment.
  • Short biographies of authors to demonstrate professional credentials.
  • Short bulletin-type items summarizing official Army actions that directly relate to sustainment.

Items that are not appropriate for publication in ASPB (and that will not be published) are:

  • General personnel information not specifically related to sustainment. This information is usually available through command information and official channels.
  • Routine personnel items, such as listing graduates of courses, promotions, and awards.
  • General military-related news articles that do not have significant professional development value for the sustainment community.
  • Letters to the editor commenting on the quality of the bulletin or other matters that do not contribute to the mission of CASCOM.
  • “Personality-type” articles, except for those that have historical significance.
  • Articles, photographs, or other materials that promote self-aggrandizement of an Army or non-Army individual, group, or institution.

ASPB publishes between 15 and 20 articles per quarter in the print and pdf edition of ASPB, and also publishes additional online-only content. ASPB serves the entire sustainment community and strives to have a variety of content that represents the professional development needs of the entire sustainment warfighting function. ASPB also strives to provide a variety of content that addresses all levels of military operations, and aims at having a generally even mixture of strategic, operational and tactical level content.