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Cover: The MRAP—the mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle—might turn out to be the iconic image of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Department of Defense acquired MRAPs to meet an urgent requirement: protecting troops on the move against improvised explosive devices. But the rapid fielding of this solution to a specific challenge has created issues of doctrine, training, sustainment, and integration into the Army's force structure and raised questions about how the MRAP will fit into the Army's future plans. In the articles beginning on pages 24, 26, 28, and 30, four officers examine how the MRAP should be used. In the cover photo, Soldiers check returning MRAPs after a combat patrol at Camp Spann in Afghanistan.

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Featured Articles
Vital Partners in Sustainment: CASCOM's Support of the Reserve Component —by Major General James L. Hodge
LOGSA: Sustaining the Heartbeat of the Materiel Enterprise —Colonel Robert P. Sullivan and Juanetta L. Brent
Force Management and Integration Within a Deployed Sustainment Brigade—Major John M. Ruths
The Challenges and Risks of the ARFORGEN Process for a Sustainment Brigade —Captain Thomas A. Knothe
AUSA Sustainment Symposium Addresses Drawdowns in Southwest Asia
Army Considers Force Structure Changes and Equipment Management Strategies
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