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Spectrum 1
Logistics Officer Corps Update: Blending Functional and Multifunctional Expertise
—Lieutenant Colonel Marshall N. Ramsey and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Gilhool
Building “Log Nation” in the U.S. Central Command—Major General Kenneth S. Dowd
The Financial Management Campaign Plan: Raising the Bar to Achieve Sustainment Excellence—Lieutenant General Edgar E. Stanton III
The New FM 1−0, Human Resources Support—Thomas K. Wallace, Jr.
Moving Toward a More Sustainable Army Food Program—David J. Sherriff
Evolution of Petroleum Support in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility
—Colonel Jeffrey B. Carra and Chief Warrant Officer 4 David Ray, USMC (Ret.)
Extracting Army Forces From the Field—A Logistician’s Perspective
—Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Steinke, MNARNG
Fostering a Good Relationship With Contractors on the Battlefield
—Master Sergeant Arthur Harris, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Conducting Global Container Management Training Online—Thomas Catchings
Interagency Logistics Training: Perpetuating the Whole of Government Approach to Disaster Logistics—Dr. Billy J. Davis
Gulf War Logistics Records Donated to the Sustainment Community—Staff Feature
“Support at Altitude” for a Multifunctional Aviation Task Force—Captain Michael R. Miller
Equipping the Combat Support Hospital: A Case Study
—Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Strite, Jr.
Cold-Chain Management and the Use of TempTale Technology—Colonel Mitchell E. Brew, Major Michael Ronn, and Petty Officer First Class Summer Webb, USN
The Ordnance Schools’ Move to Fort Lee—Gayle A. Olszyk
Coblenz 1919: The Army’s First Sustainment Center of Excellence—Alexander F. Barnes
Commentary: Collaborative Management Will Improve Weapon System Sustainment
—Rick Conlin and Jim McIntosh
Spectrum 1
Small-Arms Ammunition Production and Acquisition: Too Many Eggs in One Basket?
—Major Mark W. Siekman, USAR, Dr. David A. Anderson, and Allan S. Boyce
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