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The Army’s Functional Concept for Sustainment—Major General James L. Hodge
A Vision of Army Logistics With 20/20 Hindsight—Lieutenant General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Sustaining the Responsible Drawdown of Forces—Brigadier General Gustave F. Perna
Security Assistance From the Logistics Point of View—Major Daniel M. Maloney
Taking Oil Analysis to Southwest Asia—Jackie E. Carney
Central Power Solution Training Course—Daniel R. Grachanin
Joint Supply Chain Architecture—Mary P. Fletcher
Packing the Largest Shipment of the Iraq War—Captain Kyle P. McNealy
Vehicle Recovery Training at JMRC—Major Derek W. Hoffman
A French Logistics OMLT in Afghanistan—Lieutenant Colonel Christophe Barbe, French Army
Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams as a Force Multiplier—Major John F. Jacques
Item Unique Identification Technology Improving Asset Management —Pablo A. Brown and John E. Laudan
Enabling the Responsible Drawdown of Forces Through the Theater Provided Equipment Planner—Kellie Wade
Now Hiring: Quality NCOs Needed to Lead Soldiers—Lieutenant Colonel Sean M. Herron
Training Ammunition Supply Soldiers While Deployed—Captain Theodore L. Zagraniski
and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gary N. Carr
Cleaning Up Contingency Operating Base Adder —Sergeant James Kennedy Benjamin, USAR
MRAP’s Future With the Army—Major Dale B. Woodhouse
Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death: The World War I Mesopotamian Campaign—Michael Yarborough
Creating a Knowledge Management Culture at the Army Soldier Support Institute—Stephan D. Wilcox
Raising Mechanic Skills to Industry Standards—Chief Warrant Officer 2 Matthew R. McCaslin
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WWW Army Sustainment