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Index of Army Logistician Articles—2006


Reset: Extending the Life of Army Equipment—MG William M. Lenaers and MAJ Brent D. Coryell, p. 2.
ILE: A New System for CGSC Students—COL Neal H. Bralley, USA (Ret.), p. 5.
A Modular Medical Logistics Force—LTC Mitchell E. Brew and CPT Jason M. Fairbanks, p. 8.
Intermodal Distribution Comes of Age in Europe—Mark S. Paun, p. 12.
Joint Force Logistics: Keeping Track of Forces on the Move—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 15.
Joint Logistics for the EUCOM AOR—Part II—Randy S. Kendrick, p. 22.
Force-on-Force Convoy Training—Staff Feature, p. 28.
Movement Control in the Brigade Area of Operations—MAJ Martin E. Stokes and CPT Christina A. Helferich, p. 31.
Safe Passage—1LT Cecilia R. Motschenbacher, p. 34.
Asset Visibility in the Tactical Environment—Kevin D. Kingsley, p. 38.
Establishing Command Supply Discipline After Deployment—CW3 Anthony L. Rawlings, p. 42.
Gun Trucks: A Vietnam Innovation Returns—MAJ Dean J. Dominique, p. 45.
Centralization of Cataloging Procedures for Nonstandard Materiel—CW5 David A. Dickson, USAR, p. 48.


Letter From Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 1.
Transitioning to Support the Future Force—LTG Ann E. Dunwoody, p. 2.
Sustaining the Momentum: The 1st Corps Support Command in Iraq—BG Yves J. Fontaine and MAJ Donald K. Wols, p. 3.
1st COSCOM Total Asset Visibility in Iraq—COL Mark W. Akin, p. 9.
Distribution Management in the 1st COSCOM—COL Mark W. Akin, p. 12.
The New Modular Movement Control Team—MAJ Jonathan G. Cameron, p. 16.
Redefining the Role of the BSMC in Operation Iraqi Freedom—CPT Ralph T. Nazzaro, p. 19.
Preserving Readiness Through Ammunition Packaging—Robert M. Forrester, p. 24.
A Proposed Modular Distribution Unit—CPT Jeremy D. Smith, p. 26.
Logistics Synchronization and the Targeting Process—MAJ Kenneth W. Letcher, p. 30.
PBUSE in the Global War on Terrorism—CW5 Pablo A. Brown and CW5 Franklin D. Meeks, p. 32.
USAREUR: On Point for Logistics Technology Transformation—Brian Swan, p. 34.
Supporting SSAs in Iraq With a Hub-and-Spoke System—CPT Paul E. Williams, USAR, p. 36.
Joint Force Logistics: Understanding Location Basics—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 38.
Forward Support in the Ia Drang Valley—MAJ Steven M. Leonard, p. 41.
Commentary: Maintenance Evolution—MSG James I. Adams, Jr., ILARNG (Ret.), p. 46.


Modular BSBs in Operation Iraqi Freedom—MAJ Thomas J. Foster, KSARNG, p. 2.
Reshaping the Contingency Contracting Military Workforce—SGM Ethan A. Jones, p. 7.
Improving Division and Brigade Logistics in the Modular Force—COL Guy C. Beougher, p. 10.
Leader Professional Development in the DISCOM—CPT Stephen M. Crow, p. 15.
Reaffirming Your Command Maintenance Program—CPT Eric A. McCoy, p. 18.
SLAMIS Nonstandard Line Item Number Module: Supporting the Total Army—Minnie M. Everard, p. 21.
Corps Support Group Logistics at the Iraq Border—LTC William R. Shea, Jr., USAR, and COL Andrew M. Barclay, USAR, p. 24.
Improved Air Cargo Operations—SFC Lupe G. Galvan, p. 28.
Innovation in Redeployment: The 1st Infantry Division Returns From Iraq—CPT Scott B. Kindberg and CPT Ann L. Gallo, p. 30.
A Logistician’s Primer on GCSS-Army (PLM+)—COL David W. Coker and LTC J. Gary Hallinan, p. 35.
The Future of the Automated Logistical Specialist—CW3 Timothy N. McCarter, Sr., p. 38.
Theater Immersion: Protecting Precious Resources—COL Daniel L. Zajac and LTC James A. Mosser, p. 42.
Commentary: Words Matter—COL Christopher R. Paparone, USA (Ret.), p. 48.
Fuel-Oil Blenders Save Time, Money, and Lives—LTC Albert M. Vargesko, USA (Ret.), p. 50.
Commentary: Servant Leadership—Chaplain (COL) Paul L. Vicalvi, p. 51.


Joint Logistics—Shaping Our Future: A Personal Perspective—LTG C.V. Christianson, p. 2.
Improving Situational Awareness in the Division Logistics Command Post—MAJ James E.P. Miller, p. 6.
The Role of UMOs and TC–AIMS Operators in Deployments—MAJ Michael E. Scarlett, Jr., SFC Chester W. Montgomery, and Bobby L. Roberson, p. 10.
Protecting Civilian Logisticians on the Battlefield—MAJ Richard J. Hornstein, p. 14.
Advancing Aviation Depot Capability Forward on the Battlefield—LTC Mark A. Van Dyke, CAARNG, p. 20.
Insensitive Munitions Testing: Protecting Ourselves From Our Ammunition—Robert M. Forrester and Kendal M. Duncan, p. 24.
Combat Vehicle Evaluation—Louis J. Gorenc, p. 27.
The Keys to a Successful Combat Logistics Patrol—LTC Frederick V. Godfrey, p. 28.
Tracking Sensitive Item Maintenance—Terence Lee Brooks, p. 34.
Manila as a Logistics Center—LTC John W. Whitman, USA (Ret), p. 35.
Workplace Change and Worker Fears—Dr. Craig C. Kuriger, p. 38.
Reducing Solid Waste in Contingency Operations—Stephen D. Stouter, Joseph Bost, and James F. Lee, p. 42.


The Logistics Officer Corps: Growing Logistics Pentathletes for the 21st Century—MAJ Vickie D. Stenfors, p. 2.
Expeditionary Logistics: Dawn of a New Joint Logistics Reality—MAJ Brian M. McMurry, p. 4.
An AOE CSS Command Post in a Modular Army—MAJ J.A. Moritz, p. 7.
Meeting the Warfighter’s Medical Needs—LTC Kimberly A. Smith and Dawn L. Rosarius, p. 12.
Training Medical Logisticians—MAJ Paul Wakefield, p. 14.
Maintenance Management in the Heavy BCT—CPT Eric A. McCoy, p. 17.
13th COSCOM Support of Task Force Katrina—CPT Ryan T. Tierney, p. 22.
Fuel Safety in Iraq—CPT Peter A. Caggiano, p. 25.
Enhancing Joint Fuel and Munitions Logistics—Michael E. Cast, p. 26.
A Special Operations Model for Forward Support Companies—MAJ James W. Bogart, p. 30.
Transformation of Logistics Support of Special Forces—MAJ Eduardo Santiago and MAJ William C. Johnson, Jr., p. 32.
Property Management for Company Commanders—CPT Jaren P. Powell, p. 35.
Commentary: Disc Versus Drum Brakes—Louis J. Gorenc, p. 40.
Quantum Computation and Communication—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen, p. 42.


Lean Manufacturing and the Army Industrial Base—COL Fred L. Hart, Jr., USA (Ret.), p. 2.
Lean Six Sigma at Anniston Army Depot—COL Alexander B. Raulerson and Patti Sparks, p. 6.
Letterkenny Gets Lean for War—Kim C. Russell, p. 12.
In With the Old–Out With the Reconditioned—Tina M. Beller and Paul D. Prince, p. 14.
Field Reset at Fort Bragg—COL Albert N. Love, USA (Ret.), p. 16.
Battlefield-Ready Civilians—Karen B. Keller-Kappaun, p. 19.
Telepresence: Harnessing the Human-Computer-Machine Interface—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen, p. 22.
Brigade and Battalion Staff Functions During Convoy Operations—LTC Christopher J. Wicker, p. 27.
Save the Best for Last—MAJ Julian H. Bond, CAARNG, p. 32.
Securing Shelters to 5-Ton Cargo Trucks—COL Neal H. Bralley, USA (Ret.), p. 34.
Designer Materials—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen, p. 36.
Making the Most of New Batteries—Perry A. Cushman, p. 42.