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Preparing to Deploy


  • Incoming and outgoing units establish initial contact as early as possible.
  • Outgoing unit develops initial MEEL at midtour.
  • Incoming unit representative visits theater to conduct initial predeployment site survey.
  • Outgoing unit identifies current requirements.
  • Incoming unit reviews initially available TPE.
  • Incoming unit identifies expected changes to MEEL.
  • Incoming unit identifies expected shortages based on TPE.
  • Incoming unit develops initial unit deployment list (UDL)/DEL based on the formula: MEEL-TPE-LTT=UDL.
  • Incoming unit identifies its LBE using the formula: LBE=Unit on hand (OH) equipment-UDL.
  • Incoming unit receives the approved MEEL about 90 days before deployment.
  • Incoming unit confirms current TPE and develops the final DEL.
  • Incoming unit prepares for movement.
  • Incoming unit identifies final shortages to the outgoing unit.
  • Incoming unit submits operational needs statement for requirements above MEEL.
  • Outgoing or incoming unit submits LTT nomination as needed.
  • At least 30 days before deployment, the incoming unit PBO establishes timeline to split hand receipts.
  • PBO initiates 100-percent inventory of all equipment before hand receipt split.
  • Units prepare documentation for PBO to split the hand receipt according to local policy.
  • PBO transfers designated equipment to derivative UIC.
  • Rear and forward commanders sign respective hand receipts.

During Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority

  • Incoming PBO moves into theater ahead of his unit to work with the outgoing PBO and identify any last-minute TPE or LTT needs in conjunction with the S–3/4 representative.
  • Incoming PBO coordinates the transfer schedule, briefs incoming commanders, facilitates transfer of property between units, and maintains communication with the TPE PBO.
  • Incoming commanders provide the TPE PBO with DA Form 1687, Notice of Delegation of Authority-Receipt for Supplies, and assumption of command orders and inventories property.
  • Outgoing commanders conduct a change of command inventory on TPE/LTT items.
  • Outgoing commanders correct all hand receipt deficiencies and prepare the shortage annex, adjustment actions, and financial liability actions as needed.
  • Incoming commander signs corrected TPE/LTT hand receipt when it is complete, accepting current TPE and installation property UICs.