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Index of Army Logistician Articles—2005


Life Cycle Management: Integrating Acquisition and Sustainment—LTC James O. Winbush, Jr., Christopher S. Rinaldi, and Antonia R. Giardina, p. 2.
Combat Health Support in the First Stryker Brigade—MAJ Scot A. Dob-oszenski, p. 4.
Commentary: Sustainment Command and Casualty Capacity—COL David L. Nolan, USA (Ret.), p. 10.
Joint Medical Logistics in Kuwait—COL Paul R. Sparano, p. 12.
Feeding the Soldiers in Iraq—CPT Michael K. Pavek, p. 17.
SBCT Up-Armor Evolution—CPT Daniel P. Fresh, p. 20.
’The Surge’—Staff Feature, p. 22.
An ‘Opportune Lift’ Showcases Joint Logistics Capabilities—Jonathan D. Marcus, p. 24.
Transforming Joint Logistics Information Management—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 27.
The Brigade Combat Service Support Rehearsal—MAJ Darren S. Holbrook, p. 32.
Relearning Lessons Learned—COL Glenn W. Walker, p. 34.
Commentary: Fostering Joint Logistics Interdependence—COL Christopher R. Paparone, p. 36.
The Logistics Convoy: A Combat Operation—CPT Daniel T. Rossi, p. 38.
The Driving Force—SGT Jennifer D. Payne, p. 41.


Life-Cycle Management: Reducing the Burden on the Soldier—MG James H. Pillsbury, p. 2.
Nonstandard Logistics Sustainment Support in the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams—Gregory L. Alderete, p. 6.
’Lily-Pad’ Basing Concept Put to the Test—CPT David C. Chandler, Jr., p. 11.
Containerizing the Joint Force—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 14.
UltraLog: Securing Logistics Information on the Battlefield—CDR James C. Workman, USN (Ret.), p. 19.
Transportation Challenges in Afghanistan —1LT Mary K. Blanchfield, p. 24.
Corps Distribution Center Operations in Iraq—CPT Bret D. Jones, USAR, and LTC Emmett C. Schuster, USAR, p. 28.
Improving RFID Technology—Jeffrey D. Fee and Alan Schmack, p. 34.
The Role of Britain’s 17 Port and Maritime Regiment in Force Projection—MAJ Lyndon M. Robinson, Royal Logistic Corps, p. 36.
The Reality of the Single-Fuel Concept—Maurice E. Le Pera, p. 40.


A Communications Network for Today’s Logisticians—LTC Tony C. Munson and LTC Forrest Burke, p. 2.
RFID Vision in the DOD Supply Chain—Alan F. Estevez, p. 5.
Information Technology for Marine Corps Ammunition—Steven M. Crittenden, p. 10.
Chronic Medications in Iraq: A True Army Lesson Learned—MAJ Greta L. Bennett, p. 14.
Patriot and Avenger Reset—Kim C. Russell and Mark L. Sheffield, p. 16.
Installation Management—From Camp Swampy to the Starship Enterprise—John Di Genio, p. 19.
Equipping the Iraqi Security Forces—CW3 Brian Edwards, p. 22.
LOGCAP 101: An Operational Planner’s Guide—COL Karen E. LeDoux, p. 24.
Airlift Operations During the Lebanon Crisis—LTC Mark A. Olinger, p. 30.
Commentary: Slaying the Manpower Dragon—James T. Delisi, p. 34.
Commentary: Confused or Absolved? Our COMMZ ‘Megaproblem’—COL Christopher R. Paparone, p. 36.
A New Tool for Simulation Modeling of Logistics Support—Alan Santucci and Dr. Tayfur Altiok, p. 38.


Developing a Concept for Joint Distribution—Mark McTague and Roger Houck, p. 2.
Nanotubes and Antimatter: Energy Resupply for the Future Battlefield—Robert E. Garrison and David E. Scharett, p. 6.
MTS: A Success Story for Battlefield Logisticians—CPT Heather E. Weigner and John E. Laudan, p. 10.
Tracking Materiel From Warehouse to Warfighter—LTC Joseph P. Granata, USMC, p. 13.
1st Infantry Division Movement Control Operations in Iraq—CPT Henry C. Brown, p. 16.
Combat Service Support in Baghdad—CPT Kevin M. Baird, p. 19.
LOGCAP 102: An Operational Planner’s Guide—COL Karen E. LeDoux, p. 24.
When the Air Force Needs a Lift—CW4 Robert M. Lanning, MOARNG, p. 30.
What DOD Logisticians Should Know About the Army—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 34.
Commentary: The Support Leader Digital Assistant—MAJ Holly F. West and MAJ Elizabeth W. Schott, p. 40.
The LEW: It Keeps Getting Better—CPT Carl E. Ballinger, p. 43.


Improving Tactical Trucks for the Future—MAJ Richard L. Harris, Jr., p. 2.
Field Maintenance Shortfalls in Brigade Support Battalions—CPT James B. Swift, p. 4.
Resetting the FMTV—Gilbert J. Duran, p. 8.
Saber FLE in Iraq—LTC Peter A. Catanese and LTC Samuel J. Ford III, p. 10.
Restructuring for Simultaneous Movement Control Operations—LTC Charles R. Brown, p. 13.
TCAM: Making the Class VIII System Work for Your Brigade Combat Team—CPT Michael S. Smith, p. 16.
Improving Logistics Automation Support—CW4 Jacqueline L. Wallace, p. 19.
Designer Materials: Changing the Future of Logistics—David E. Scharett and Robert E. Garrison, p. 24.
An Eight-Step Process for Improving Logistics Activities—MAJ David R. Gibson, p. 30.
Commentary: Maintenance Reinvention—Keith B. Wenstrand, p. 36.
Berlin Airlift: Logistics, Humanitarian Aid, and Strategic Success—MAJ Gregory C. Tine, MDARNG, p. 39.
Logistics Changes Planned Under BRAC—Staff Feature, p. 42.
Combined Arms Support Command Reorganizes for the Future—COL Mike G. Mullins, p. 42.


The Logistics Support Team: SBCT Combat Multiplier—MAJ Dwayne M. Butler and CPT Eric J. Van De Hey, p. 2.
The Challenge of Victory—CPT Jerry D. VanVactor, p. 7.
Knowledge on Demand: Communication for the Future—David E. Scharett and Robert E. Garrison, p. 12.
PMCS: Key to Readiness During Deployment—SGT Jermaine Boyd, p. 20.
Munitions Support in the Iraqi Theater—MAJ Jay C. Land, p. 22.
Commentary: Obtaining Visibility of Stay-Behind Equipment—CW3 Khuntae RaeGail Burke, p. 24.
Combat Blood Operations in Iraq—1LT Maria F. Johnson, p. 26.
Transforming Special Operations Logistics—MAJ Ronald R. Ragin, p. 28.
Controlling Contract Costs in the Balkans—Theresa Davis, p. 33.
MEMS: Micro Systems for Asset Visibility and Monitoring—John Yates, p. 38.
A New Business Strategy for Equipping V Corps—MAJ Noah Hutcher, p. 42.
Joint Logistics for the EUCOM AOR—Randy S. Kendrick, p. 47.
Commentary: Who Rules Logistics? Service Versus COCOM Authority—COL Christopher R. Paparone, p. 52.