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Army Logistician to Army Sustainment: Continuity and Change
Sustainment Moves to the Next Level: Rethinking Our Life-Cycle Focus—General Ann E. Dunwoody
Army Logistician: Forty Years of Service to the Field—Major General James E. Chambers
Always There, Always Ready—Lieutenant General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Focus Dept
Ordnance Schools Move Into a New Era—Brigadier General Lynn A. Collyar
A Sustainer’s Guide to Financial Management—Major Brian A. Smith

Human Resources Operations: A Force Enabler in the Sustainment Community
—Lieutenant Colonel Darwin A. Frett
Culture Change in Recruiting—Donald D. Copley
Logistics, CSS, Sustainment: Evolving Definitions of Support—Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey C. Brlecic
Contracted Logistics: The Way Ahead for Iraqi Sustainment Operations—Major Tacildayus Andrews
Transforming While Preparing to Deploy—Major James J. Geishaker
A New Proponent for the Army Acquisition Corps—Sergeant Major Ethan A. Jones
Army Logistician and the Rhymes of History—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone
Army Strategic Management System: Enhancing Logistics Readiness—David Lewis, Charles Glover, Rob Frye
Billeting Management in Theaters of Operations—Keith A. Stepp
The Benefits of Participating in the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence Program
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Richard C. Myers, Jr.
The Problems With the Current Support Structure —Lieutenant Colonel Vincent C. Nwafor
Tactical Convoy Planning for Sustainers—Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Peterson
The Unit Movement Officer in the Redeployment Process—Captain Paul L. Moeller, Jr.
Interactive Training for Property Accountability—Winston C. Mullins
Headlines Dept

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