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A Letter From Major General James E. Chambers
An Integrated Enterprise Approach to AIT —David L. Dias and Timothy P. Ringdahl
BCS3: Getting the Most Out of a Strategic Sustainment Tool
—Lieutenant Colonel S. Eric Stewart
Sense and Respond: Military Logistics in a Global
Security Environment
—Major Michael F. Hammond
Fifty-Two Things You Might Want to Know About In-Transit Visibility —Alexander F. Barnes and Richard K. Boch

Logistics Transformation in Europe: Maintaining Support While Performing Expeditionary Missions—Colonel Martin B. Pitts and Major Kenneth M. Leeds, Jr.
MDMP: One Tool in the Commander’s Tool Chest
—Major John D. Nawoichyk
The Army Logistics University
—Lieutenant Colonel Kam S. Gunther
Iraqi Truck Company Transformation — Staff Feature
Field Support Company Maintenance Operations During Deployment —Chief Warrant Officer (W–5) Joseph W. Floriano, MIARNG
BSB Support to Advisory Teams in Iraq—Major Andrew Hotaling
and Major Jason McGuire
Flexible Support for the Heavy BCT—Captain John F. Jacques,
First Lieutenant Justin T. Bergen, First Lieutenant Sonya S. Standefer,
and First Lieutenant Carl S. Miller
Combined Logistics Excellence Awards: What It Takes to Win—Staff Feature
The Distribution Dilemma: That Last Tactical Mile

—Major Kevin F. Daniels, USAR
Exchange Pricing Improves Reparable Item Management
— Staff Feature