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Thoughts for Sustainment Brigade Commanders: An Interview With the CASCOM Commanding General
Training Strategies for Sustainment Brigades and Echelons-Above-Brigade Logistics Units —Colonel Darrell Williams, Major Geoffrey DeTingo, and Rae Lynn Michelle Graham
Building Iraqi Logistics —Lieutenant Colonel William Schiek and Captain Phoebe Price
The 15th Sustainment Brigade in Iraq —Colonel Aundre F. Piggee
Building a FOB From the Ground Up —Captain Jennifer L. Hughes and Captain Allison H. Jaslow
Tankers Without Tanks—Captain Ethan J. Diven

Distribution Is the Center of Gravity for Success—Major Aaron Hardy, Jr.
Contracted Transportation—Captain George Plys
Army Logistics Contractors on Combat Logistics Patrols
—Sergeant First Class Nicholas J. Conner
Fabricating to Save Soldiers’ Lives —Major Thomas J. Cunningham
Redesigned Personnel Service Support in the Field—Captain Jean Anne P. Deakyne
Contingency Contracting and LOGCAP Support in MND­B, Iraq —Major Walter Llamas
Multifunctional Logistics in a Corps Support Battalion—Major Curtis L. Abendroth, NEARNG, and Captain Wayne R. Libbey, MAARNG
15th Brigade Troops Battalion: Support the Action —First Lieutenant Stephen J. Young
The Sustainment Brigade General Supply Office in Iraq —Major Archie S. Herndon, Jr.
Bullets in Baghdad: Ammunition Safety in a Combat Environment
—Major Levorn S. Collins
Medical Operations in the Sustainment Brigade
—Major Bonnie H. Hartstein
The Top 10 Lessons I Relearned as a Sustainment Brigade Planner
—Major Gabriella M. Pasek
Logistics Warriors
—Command Sergeant Major Mark D. Joseph
Is There an Optimum Point for Refurbishing Army Vehicles?
—First Lieutenant James B. Hamlett
An Automated Log for Managing FRAGOs
—Captain Daniel A. Holland
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard? Capturing Information
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)