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The Logistics Officer Corps: Growing Logistics
Pentathletes for the 21st Century

—Major Vickie D. Stenfors
WANTED: New Logistics Branch Insignia —Staff Feature
Expeditionary Logistics: Dawn of a New Joint Logistics Reality
—Major Brian M. McMurry
An AOE CSS Command Post in a Modular Army —Major J.A. Moritz
Meeting the Warfighter’s Medical Needs
—Lieutenant Colonel Kimberly A. Smith and Dawn L. Rosarius
Training Medical Logisticians —Major Paul Wakefield
Maintenance Management in the Heavy BCT —Captain Eric A. McCoy
13th COSCOM Support of Task Force Katrina
—Captain Ryan T. Tierney
Fuel Safety in Iraq —Captain Peter A. Caggiano
Enhancing Joint Fuel and Munitions Logistics —Michael E. Cast
A Special Operations Model for Forward Support Companies —Major James W. Bogart
Transformation of Logistics Support of Special Forces
—Major Eduardo Santiago and Major William C. Johnson, Jr.
Property Management for Company Commanders —Captain Jaren P. Powell
Commentary: Disc Versus Drum Brakes —Louis J. Gorenc
Quantum Computation and Communication —Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen