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Log Notes
Joint and Expeditionary Logistics for a Campaign-Quality Army
— Major General Terry E. Juskowiak and Colonel John F. Wharton
Logistics Challenges in Support of Operation Enduring
—Major James J. McDonnell and Major J. Ronald Novack
The Changing Face of Medical Logistics in AfghanistanFirst Lieutenant Jerry D. VanVactor
Names, Numbers, and Nomenclatures
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
Commentary: Toward a Union of Deployment and Distribution
—Colonel Robert F. Carpenter, USAR
Moving the Force Across Europe: EUCOM’s Joint Movement Center —Lieutenant Colonel David R. McClean and Captain Phillip E. Henson, TNARNG
Gaining Visibility of Excess Commercial Equipment
—Clinton W. Mecham
Configured Loads: A New Look at an Old Concept
—Major K. Eric Drummond, USAR
Development and Execution of the TAMP
—Joseph L. Homza
Managing Soldiers in the Theater Support Command
—Major General George William Wells, Jr., USAR
Fueling the Force at the JRTC
—Major Stephen R. Davis and Captain Peter J. Crandall
Army Logistics Transformation Poster Series