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PB 700-02-5





DLA's New Inventory Management Strategy—Major General Hawthorne L. Proctor and Captain Aaron J. Cook

Army Maintenance Transformation—Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson


Single Stock Fund Milestone 3—Donald E. Hartzell

Anticipatory Logistics: The Army's Answer to Supply Chain Management

—Major Joshua M. Lenzini

Ground Assault Convoy Techniques—Captain Michael D. Hofmeister and 

Lieutenant Colonel Christine M. Gayagas

A Statement of Requirements: Ensuring the `Special' in Special Operations—Major O. Shawn Cupp

Deploying Medical Units—Major Charles H. Strite, Jr.

Situational Awareness and FSB Battle Command—Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey S. Wilson

MTMC Surface Shipments Sustain Troops in Afghanistan—Major David Cintron


Transforming Finance—Colonel Michael A. Shalak and Major Leo M. Impavido

Victory in the Division Rear Fight—Captain John F. Carson, Jr.

Commentary: The Objective Force and Logistics Force Protection—Colonel Steven A. Bourgeois

Technical Competence Versus Jack of All Trades—Colonel Korey V. Jackson

Determining Cargo-Handling Requirements—Major Gregory H. Graves

Packaging Military Equipment for Overseas Shipment—Steve Hanna

Commentary: Direct Support Plus in Korea—Major Timothy A. McKernan

Commentary: Sergeant's Time Training in CSS Units—Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Swenson