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September-October Cover


Managing, Deploying, Sustaining, and Protecting Contractors on the BattlefieldJoe A. Fortner

Integrating Medical Logistics Assets—Captain Nina L. Knuckles

Developing a Joint Medical Asset Repository—Captain Mary P. Govekar and Gerard F. LoSardo

Technologies for Tracking and Caring for Injured SoldiersCaptain Derek C. Cooper

How DSCC Supports the Army—Captain Mark M. Herrin

Buying Spare Parts for the Last TimeEric A. Snyder

Combined Rear Area Operations in the Korean TheaterMajor Maxine C. Girard

Rail Locks for Strategic Brigade Airdrop—Captain Mark L. Stoddard

Leadership and the Theater Support CommandColonel George William Wells, Jr., USAR

Forging and Alliance:  Army Transporters in EuropeMajor Earl Kennedy

Going to War on the RailsStaff Feature

Oil Analysis—A Powerful Maintenance and Environmental ToolMatthew P. Caputo and Major Bonnie Morrow

Collapsible Petroleum Tanks:  Past, Present, and Future—Major John A. Leggieri and William Perdue

The Most Decorated Ammunition Company in Vietnam—Brigadier General Richard F. Allen, USAR (Ret.)

Commentary:  A Conscientious Approach to Combat Service Support—Major Luis A. Delgado, USAR

Commentary:  Physical Training StrategyMajor Leslie J. Pierce

Commentary:  Combat Service Support and Combat Arms:  Avoiding a Cultural ChasmColonel Christopher R. Paparone

Commentary:  Toward a Multinational FutureJoseph R. Bainbridge



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