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International Recruiting Summit
—Donald D. Copley, Jr., and Julia C. Bobick
The Logistics Branch: Multifunctional and Functional
—Lieutenant General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Deploying an Expeditionary Sustainment Command to Support Disaster Relief
—Major Paul R. Hayes
A Series of Firsts: The 3d ESC in Operation Unified Response—Major Paul R. Hayes
45th Sustainment Brigade: Supply Distribution in Afghanistan—Major Kerry Dennard, Major Christine A. Haffey, and Major Ray Ferguson
45th Sustainment Brigade: Echelons-Above-Brigade Convoy Management in Afghanistan
—Major Michael J. Harris and Captain Eric P. Roby, USMC
45th Sustainment Brigade: Aerial Delivery in Afghanistan
—Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michelle G. Charge
Convoy Support Teams—Lieutenant Colonel Steven L. Updike, USAR
AFSBs and RDECOM: Strengthening the Materiel Enterprise—Major O’Neal A. Williams, Jr.
New Equipment Fielding: What Can an AFSB Do for Me?—Major Camilla A. Wood
The Capabilities of the Army Field Support Brigade’s Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Directorate—Lieutenant Colonel Steven G. Van Riper
Sustaining a BCT in Southern Iraq—Lieutenant Colonel Michael B. Siegl
A Neglected Principle of War in Logistics Advising—Major James J. Zacchino, Jr.
Contract Oversight on the Battlefield—Lieutenant Colonel Peter W. Butts
The Battery Manager Maintenance Program—Lieutenant Colonel Anthony W. Adams, KYARNG
Support Operations: Lessons Learned in a Multifunctional Medical Battalion—Lieutenant Colonel Douglas H. Galuszka and Sergeant Major David Franco
Containers for Haiti: Providing Transportation and Temporary Infrastructure
—Thomas Catchings
Using Lessons Learned for Contracting in Haiti—Larry D. McCaskill
Contracting Support Brigade Responds to Haiti Mission—Lieutenant Colonel Americus M. Gill III
Medical Equipment Concentration Sites: A Management Solution for Army Reserve Medical Equipment Repair and Training Needs—Lieutenant Colonel Paul Wakefield, USAR (Ret.)
Improvement Strategies for Logistics Automation Support—Captain Andrew M. Sawyer, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rosung D. Petty, and Staff Sergeant Jonathan C. Shaw
Fixing the Current Reserve Components Pay Process—Major Noland I. Flores, CAARNG
Army Seeks Claimants Under Retroactive Stop-Loss Special Pay Program—Robert Pidgeon
Spectrum 1
Where Are We Going? The Future of Joint Logistics —Major Robert P. Mann
Bulk Petroleum Manning Requirements in an ESC—Captain Shari S. Bowen
Expediting Class IX Deliveries in Iraq—First Lieutenant Alexys M. Myers
A Day in the Life of a DA Logistics Intern—Alison Silverio and Susannah Tobey
1st Infantry Division Recognizes Benefits of Logistics Reporting Tool—Sergeant Benjamin Kibbey, USAR
Headlines Dept
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