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A Fort Lee BRAC Overview—Maria Dane
CASCOM’s BRAC Rehearsal of Concept Drill—Colonel John C. Hinkley
Managing the Move Into the New SCoE Headquarters—John R. Weber
BRAC Construction at Fort Lee—Colonel Edward Gully
The Ordnance School Moves to Fort Lee—Lieutenant Colonel Annjanette Ellison
The Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School BRAC Office—John Antal

The Tactical Support Equipment Departmentís Move to the New Home of Ordnance
at Fort Lee
—Gary F. Neuser
The 16th Ordnance Battalion Relocates to Fort Lee—Major Gregory Fend
The Logistics Branch Officer Lifecycle Model—Lieutenant Colonel Victor S. Hagan
Civilian Logistics Career Management—Ellen Savedge and Liana Angelo
Sustaining Our Army Then and Now—Brigadier General Richard P. Mustion
Fort Lee Prepares to Host the Sustainment Center of Excellence—Matthew Montgomery
BRAC’s Impact on Transportation Training—John C. Race, Jr.
The Army Logistics University Is Open for Business—Colonel Shelley A. Richardson and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Gilhool
Sustainment Center of Excellence Simulation Training Center—Lieutenant Colonel Mary Hall
BRAC and Quartermaster Reorganization—Patricia A. Sigle
Marine Corps Joint Training at the Sustainment Center of Excellence
—Lieutenant Colonel Keith A. Beverly, USA (Ret.)
Operational Integrated Framework for the Sustainment Brigade—Captain Robert J. Tremblay
Iraqi Transportation Network—Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Falk, CTARNG
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