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The Sustain Warfighters' Forum: Sharing What You Know
—Major General James E. Chambers
Integrating Contractors Into Brigade Support Battalion Operations —Major Damien Green
Logistics Status Reports and the Logistics Common Operating
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Timothy N. McCarter, Sr.
Providing S–2 Support for a Brigade Support Battalion
—Captain Mary K. Kahler
Supply Line Warfare —Dr. Cliff Welborn

The Army Reserve at 100: An Emerging Operational Force
—Staff Feature
Project Management Principles for Unit Logisticians
—Lieutenant Colonel Paul Wakefield
DCAM: Managing MEDLOG Systems on the Battlefield
—Bill Snethen
Measures to Prevent Profiles in Combat Support Commands
—Lieutenant Sarah D. Thomas, USN
Ee Afghanistan Ast: Medical Logistics Mentoring in the Afghan
National Army
—Major Scott C. Woodard
Sense and Respond: Logistics on the Insurgent Battlefield
—Major Michael F. Hammond
SETAF Mechanics Train Botswanan Soldiers—Staff Feature
The Nature of Knowledge in the Profession of Military Logistics
—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone
Delivering Value Through Logistics
—Major Jennifer M. Stephens