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ALOG Notes
TLog: Preparing Logisticians for the Modular Force
—Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Using Central Receiving and Shipping Points to Manage Transportation — Lieutenant Colonel Michael D. Melendez
Munitions Sustainment in the Modular Force —Chief Warrant Officer (W­4) Dave Barron, USA (Ret.), and Lieutenant Colonel Keith A. Beverly, USA (Ret.)
Reorganizing a Sustainment Brigade Staff for the Fight
— Colonel Gustave F. Perna and Staff Sergeant Joshua Salmons
Modular Medical Logistics Support at the JRTC
—Colonel Mitchell E. Brew and Captain Shawn R. Campbell
The Diverse Missions of the Movement Control Team at Camp Cedar II —Captain Randall W. Newman, First Lieutenant Paul A. Kahn, and First Lieutenant Richard F. Rogers III

Commentary: Why BCS3 “Doesn’t Work”
— Major Thomas E. Sachariason
Distributing the Army’s Medical Department Officers
—Colonel Larry S. Bolton, Lieutenant Colonel R. G. Dickinson, and Major Vernon Wheeler
Doing More With Less: Special Forces Logistics in Afghanistan
—First Lieutenant Christopher G. Manganaro
What Deploying Units Need to Know About Contracting
— Major Houston E. Baker
Improving Class VIII Management at Brigade Level
—Captain Edwin H. Rodriguez
6th Medical Logistics Management Center
Army and Marine Joint Ammunition Operations
—First Lieutenant Glen R. Dowling
Army and Marine GS/DS Class I Storage and Distribution Center
—Second Lieutenant Carlos E. Comas
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard?
Commercial Sector Information Technology Advancements

— Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
From Sutlers and Canteens to Exchanges—James T. Delisi
Commentary: COCOM, ADCON, OPCON, TACON, Support— Do You Know the Difference?
—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone
Reachback Cell Creates Explosives Safety Repository
—Keith A. Brailsford