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Lean Manufacturing and the Army Industrial Base
—Colonel Fred L. Hart, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Lean Six Sigma at Anniston Army Depot
—Colonel Alexander B. Raulerson and Patti Sparks
A Lean Six Sigma Glossary
Letterkenny Gets Lean for War—Kim C. Russell
In With the Old–Out With the Reconditioned—Tina M. Beller and Paul D. Prince
Field Reset at Fort Bragg—Colonel Albert N. Love, USA (Ret.)
Battlefield-Ready Civilians—Karen B. Keller-Kappaun
Telepresence: Harnessing the Human-Computer-Machine Interface
—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen
Brigade and Battalion Staff Functions
During Convoy Operations

—Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Wicker
Save the Best for Last
—Major Julian H. Bond, CAARNG
Securing Shelters to 5-Ton Cargo Trucks—Colonel Neal H. Bralley, USA (Ret.)
Designer Materials
—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen
Making the Most of New Batteries
—Perry A. Cushman