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Log Notes
The Logistics Support Team: SBCT Combat Multiplier
—Major Dwayne M. Butler and Captain Eric J. Van De Hey
The Challenge of Victory
—Captain Jerry D. VanVactor
Knowledge on Demand: Communication for the Future
—David E. Scharett and Robert E. Garrison
PMCS: Key to Readiness During Deployment—Sergeant Jermaine Boyd
Munitions Support in the Iraqi Theater—Major Jay C. Land
Commentary: Obtaining Visibility of Stay—Behind Equipment—Chief Warrant Officer (W3) Khuntae RaeGail Burke
Combat Blood Operations in Iraq—First Lieutenant Maria F. Johnson
Transforming Special Operations Logistics
—Major Ronald R. Ragin
Controlling Contract Costs in the Balkans
—Theresa Davis
MEMS: Micro Systems for Asset Visibility and Monitoring
—John Yates
A New Business Strategy for Equipping V Corps
—Major Noah Hutcher
Joint Logistics for the EUCOM AOR
—Randy S. Kendrick
Commentary: Who Rules Logistics? Service Versus COCOM Authority
—Colonel Christopher R. Paparone