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Alog News
Letter From Major General Ann E. Dunwoody
FA 90: An Update on the Multifunctional Logistician Program
—Major General Terry E. Juskowiak, USA (Ret.), and
Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Shumar
SPS: The Essential Acquisition Tool for Overseas Logisticians
—Colonel Jacob N. Haynes
Testing the Survivability of Logistics Information Systems
—Lieutenant General Leo Pigaty, USA (Ret.), and
Commander James C. Workman, USN (Ret.)
Planning for the Unexpected in a Theater of Operations
—Captain Jerry D. VanVactor
Taking Charge of a Medical Platoon: The First Steps
—Captain James D. Clay and
Sergeant First Class Raymond F. Sanders
The Medical Platoon Leader and Parallel Planning
—Captain James D. Clay
Commentary: Supporting Army National Guard Regional Training Sites—Sergeant First Class David D. Lindeman
Preparing for Convoy Operations in a Combat Zone
—Staff Sergeant Edward M. Stepp
Average Customer Wait Time: A Supply Chain
Performance Indicator
—Major David R. Gibson
Rise and Fall of the Strategy of Exhaustion
—Major Lawrence M. Smith, MDARNG
Aviation Ground Support Equipment: The Forgotten Enabler
—Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Lunn and Roderick A. Bellows
Transforming the Theater Support Command
—Major General George William Wells, Jr., USAR
Commentary: Filling A Strategic-Level Void
—Colonel Larry D. Harman, USA (Ret.)