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If you are interested in submitting an article to Army Sustainment, here are a few suggestions. Before you begin writing, review a past issue of Army Sustainment; it will be your best guide. Then follow these rules:

  • Keep your writing simple and straightforward (try reading it back to yourself or to a colleague).
  • Attribute all quotes.
  • Identify all acronyms, technical terms, and publications (for example, Field Manual [FM] 4–0, Sustainment).
  • Do not assume that those reading your article are necessarily Soldiers or that they have background knowledge of your subject; Army Sustainment’s readership is broad.
  • Submissions should generally be between 800 and 4,000 words. (The word limit does not apply to Spectrum articles. Spectrum is a department of Army Sustainment intended to present researched, referenced articles typical of a scholarly journal.)

Instructions for Submitting an Article

  • Army Sustainment publishes only original articles, so please do not send your article to other publications.
  • Obtain official clearance for open publication from your public affairs office before submitting your article to Army Sustainment. Include the clearance statement from the public affairs office with your submission. Exceptions to the requirement for public affairs clearance include historical articles and those that reflect a personal opinion or contain a personal suggestion.
  • Submit the article as a simple Microsoft Word document—not in layout format. We will determine layout for publication.
  • Send photos and charts as separate documents. Make sure that all graphics can be opened for editing by the Army Sustainment staff.
  • Send photos as .jpg or .tif files—at least 300 dpi. Photos may be in color or black and white. Photos embedded in Word or PowerPoint will not be used.
  • Include a description of each photo submitted and acronym definitions for charts.
  • Submit your article by email to usarmy.lee.tradoc.mbx.leeeasm@mail.mil or by mail to—

FT LEE VA 23801–1705.

If you mail your article, please include a copy on CD if possible.

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact us at usarmy.lee.tradoc.mbx.leeeasm@mail.mil or (804) 765–4761 or DSN 539–4761. We look forward to hearing from you.

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