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Refining Sustainment Priorities in an Era of Change—Major General James L. Hodge

The State of the Ordnance Corps on Its Bicentennial—Brigadier General Clark W. LeMasters, Jr.
The History of Ordnance in America—Karl Rubis
Logistics Movements in a Changing Afghan Environment—Captain Owen A. Rose
The CSSB Challenge: Doing More With Less—Major Thomas W. Haas
Moving Liquid Gold—Major Jonathan McDougal
Boat to Plane to Foxhole: Seven Key Steps to Intermodal Operations—Captain Christopher Sheehan
Warrior Logistics Scholars Seminar: The Ultimate Leadership Course for Field-Grade Logisticians—Major Travis J. James
What "Shon ba Shona" Means to Army Logistics—Captain Michael D. Andersen
The Complete Exchange of an MRAP Fleet During Stability Operations—Captain George Autry
The 87th Quartermaster Detachment's Joint Aerial Operations in Okinawa—Captain April A. Campise and Sergeant Terrance J. Alvarez
The Three Most Common Electrical Safety Issues in Deployed Environments—James F. Jennings
Logistics and Analysis in the Science of War—James A. Harvey III
A Road to War for Reconnaissance Squadron Forward Support Companies—Captain Jeremy P. Brown
"Fueling the Team" for Better Health and Performance—Bill Roche

Operational Risk Management—Major Jeremiah O'Connor

The Army Reserve Expeditionary Railway Center—Colonel David T. Pollard, USAR

Military Culinary Arts Competition 2012—Staff Feature

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