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Sustainment Center of Excellence Lifelong Learning Portal:
Gateway to Lifelong Learning for Logisticians
—Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Unit Deactivation Logistics in Review —Major Vincent C. Nwafor
Bomb Squads and EOD Personnel: Interoperability for Homeland Defense—Colonel Dick A. Larry
Collecting Information From the Field —Earl C. Driver
Warrior Logisticians: Establishing an SSA From the Ground Up —First Lieutenant Brice R. Westhoven
Helpful Thoughts for Junior Leaders—Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Long, USA (Ret.)
Understanding the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model
—Major Michael B. Siegl
BCT Logistics in Al Anbar Province—Major Mark D. Pike, PAARNG
Automating Property Accountability
— Colonel Kenneth A. Scott, USAR, and Major Charles W. Weko, USAR
Commentary: Is It Time to Reconsider Training for PBUSE?
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Joel Lockhart
Graduate-Level Education for Logisticians—Captain Stacy Pennington
From Just In Case to Just In Time
—Major Eric T. Wallis
Weakening the Enemy From Within — Noel D. Matchett