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Alog News
A Communications Network for Today’s Logisticians
—Lieutenant Colonel Tony C. Munson
and Lieutenant Colonel Forrest Burke
RFID Vision in the DOD Supply Chain
—Alan F. Estevez
Information Technology for Marine Corps Ammunition
—Steven M. Crittenden
Chronic Medications in Iraq: A True Army Lesson Learned
—Major Greta L. Bennett
Patriot and Avenger Reset
—Kim C. Russell and Mark L. Sheffield
Installation Management—From Camp Swampy to the Starship Enterprise
— John Di Genio
Equipping the Iraqi Security Forces
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–3) Brian Edwards
LOGCAP 101: An Operational Planner’s Guide
—Colonel Karen E. LeDoux
Airlift Operations During the Lebanon Crisis
—Lieutenant Colonel Mark A. Olinger
Commentary: Slaying the Manpower Dragon
—James T. Delisi
Commentary: Confused or Absolved? Our COMMZ ‘Megaproblem’
—Colonel Christopher R. Paparone
A New Tool for Simulation Modeling of Logistics Support
—Alan Santucci and Dr. Tayfur Altiok