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Log Notes
Modular BSBs in Operation Iraqi Freedom
—Major Thomas J. Foster, KSARNG
Reshaping the Contingency Contracting Military Workforce
—Sergeant Major Ethan A. Jones
Improving Division and Brigade Logistics in the Modular Force
—Colonel Guy C. Beougher
Leader Professional Development in the DISCOM
—Captain Stephen M. Crow
Reaffirming Your Command Maintenance Program
—Captain Eric A. McCoy
SLAMIS Nonstandard Line Item Number Module: Supporting the Total Army —Minnie M. Everard
Corps Support Group Logistics at the Iraq Border
—Lieutenant Colonel William R. Shea, Jr., USAR, and Colonel Andrew M. Barclay, USAR
Improved Air Cargo Operations
—Sergeant First Class Lupe G. Galvan
Innovation in Redeployment: The 1st Infantry Division Returns From Iraq
—Captain Scott B. Kindberg and Captain Ann L. Gallo
A Logisticianís Primer on GCSS-Army (PLM+)
—Colonel David W. Coker and Lieutenant Colonel J. Gary Hallinan
The Future of the Automated Logistical Specialist
—Chief Warrant Officer (W≠3) Timothy N. McCarter, Sr.
Theater Immersion: Protecting Precious Resources
—Colonel Daniel L. Zajac and Lieutenant Colonel James A. Mosser
Commentary: Words Matter
—Colonel Christopher R. Paparone, USA (Ret.)
Fuel-Oil Blenders Save Time, Money, and Lives
—Lieutenant Colonel Albert M. Vargesko, USA (Ret.)
Commentary: Servant Leadership
—Chaplain (Colonel) Paul L. Vicalvi