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Where’s My MMC?—Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Integrating Coalition Logistics at the Tactical Level: The Combined Joint Distribution Cell in Afghanistan —Lieutenant Colonel Courtney Taylor and Captain Leonard B. Della-Moretta III
CJTF­76 Tackles Reconstitution in the Harsh Afghan Environment
—Sergeant First Class Michael J. Rautio
AMC Support to Reconstitution in Afghanistan —Wayne T. Seidler and Lieutenant Colonel Richard B. Dix

Logistics Task Force 548 in Iraq

‘Climbing to Glory’—Logistics Task Force 548 in Iraq
—Captain Amy B. Smith, USAR

Air Sustainment Operations at LSA Anaconda
—First Lieutenant Brian J. Furber
Operating a Central Receiving and Shipping Point
—First Lieutenant Bart S. Lajoie
LSA Anaconda’s Forward Redistribution Point
— First Lieutenant Theodore C. Mataxis III, USAR
Mortuary Affairs Facility Improvements at LSA Anaconda
—First Lieutenant Tracia Pichotta, USAR, and Captain DaVonne L. Bivins
Recovery Operations at LSA Anaconda—First Lieutenant Robert E. Klinger, NCARNG
Providing Clean Water to the Soldier —First Lieutenant Michael Ketcham, OHARNG
Supplying Ammunition at LSA Anaconda—First Lieutenant Tamera A. Greshik, USAR
Al Asad Air Base CRSP —First Lieutenant Robert D. Gunning, Jr.
Spare Parts Recovery and Storage at Camp Taji
— Major Shawn P. Ward
Modular Fuel System Improves Fuel Distribution
— Major Leon O. Williams and Arthur Jankowski