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Army Sustainment is available only through the initial distribution system. Copies are not available through the resupply system. Units and activities must establish their DA 12-series subscription requirements to receive this bulletin.

Army Units: If your unit does not already have one, you will need to establish your own publications account through the DA 12 series. Go to the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) web site www.apd.army.mil to do so. The Request for Establishment of a Publications Account Form (DA 12-R) is available in Form Flow. Once you have your account, you can go on line to order. At the APD website, drop down from Orders/Subscriptions/Reports and click on “Login”. There you will enter your account information and then enter your publications requests. The IDN Number (050039) is required to subscribe to Army Sustainment magazine; it is not a number to request specific issues of the magazine. The IDN number is also required to be entered any time you wish to make changes to your subscription; i.e., quantity, cancellation of the publication, etc.

NOTE: All publication-related transactions from Europe and Middle East are required to go through the Publications Control and Forms Management Office in Europe.

Navy Units: Send your order directly to Navy Inventory Control Point, Customer Service List Maintenance (Code 033343), 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5098.

Marine Corps Units: Submit a letter or memo request to Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps, Code: ARDE, Publications Department, Building 2 Navy Annex, Washington, DC 20380-1775. (PCN 74000046500)

Air Force Units: Follow the procedures described above for Army Units, routing the forms through the base Publications Manager.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA): DLA activities may order directly from the Publications Distribution Center, ATTN: Customer Service, 1655 Woodson Road, St. Louis, MO 63114-6181, using the procedures described above for Army Units.

All subscription updates must be submitted electronically to the Army Publishing Directorate’s host system, using either of the following electronic systems:

STARPUBS DDN Interface System (SDIC). Email requisitions to: USAPA@pubs.army.mil

World Wide Web (WWW): www.apd.army.mil

Private, Paid Subscriptions: Go to http://bookstore.gpo.gov. Do a “Simple Search” for Army Sustainment and order online. If a first time user, under Welcome… “click here”. Then under Ordering and Policies, scroll down and click on Submitting an Order. If you wish to mail in your request, while at Submitting an Order, go to Step #4. There you will find a link to an order form that can be printed and mailed to the address shown.
The price for a yearly subscription is $23.00; all international orders are $32.20.
Stock #708-012-00000-9
ISBN #0-16-010170-0

Have Questions About Your Subscription?
Inquiries may be made by email, phone, fax, or mail to the Customer Contact Center. (Please have your GPO Order Number ready). They are available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST (except for Federal holidays).

Toll-Free: 866/512-1800
The DC Area: 202/512-1800
FAX: 202-512-2104
Email: ContactCenter@gpo.gov
U.S. Government Printing Office
Customer Contact Center
Stop: IDCC
Washington, DC 20401

It is extremely important that private subscribers keep the Customer Contact Center informed of their current addresses.

Please make subscription cancellations and refund requests in writing and submit them to:
Superintendent of Documents
Customer Contact Center
Stop: IDCC
Washington, DC 20401

Electronic Subscription to Army Sustainment: To receive regular email notification containing a link to the latest issue, send an email to leeealog@conus.army.mil with “E-Subscription” in the Subject line. You must include your name and email address in the body of the email.
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