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ALU’s College of Professional and Continuing Education—Richard W. Price
GFEBS: Advancing Sustainers’ Capabilities—Lieutenant Colonel Karl E. Lindquist and Christopher Lyew-Daniels
Strategic Leadership Competencies Cannot Wait—Major Amy L. Gouge
OIF Fuel Distribution Challenges—Master Sergeant Johnny A. Castillo
The Container Management Quandary—Major Darryl R. Weaver, USAR
The 10 Things Warrant Officers Need to Know About ARFORGEN—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Richard C. Myers, Jr.

Transitioning a Base From Coalition to U.S. Control—Major Brian Lesiak
Logistics Training and Advisory Teams: A Concept in the Making—Major Michael F. Hammond
Logistics Partnering Lessons—Chief Warrant Officer (W–2) Julian Price
Starting a Partnership Through Logistics Key Leader Engagement—Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Whittaker
Improving Access to HAZMAT Transportation Information—Dr. Upton R. Shimp and Christine L. Holiday
Improving Training for Recruiters—Colonel James H. Comish and Donald D. Copley, Jr.
Operation Kilowatt: The Generator Shop in a Modular Engineer Battalion—First Lieutenant Leslie McCann
Commentary: Working Out at the JIIM: Embracing the Commercial Sector as First Among Equals—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone
Spectrum 1
Strategic Mobility—Colonel Kenneth E. Hickins
Spectrum 2
Logistics in the PLA—Dr. Martin Andrew
Headlines Dept
WWW Army Sustainment