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From CASCOM: Convoy, Not CLP: Defining a Logistics Core Competency—Major General James E. Chambers
Lean Fielding: Reducing Equipment Redundancy
—Major Todd J. Wright
Acquisition and PBUSE —Pablo A. Brown and John E. Laudan
The Army’s Impact on the Fuel and Lubricant Industry
—Maurice E. Le Pera
RSR and CSR: Why the Confusion?—Dr. Thomas E. Ward II
Expeditionary Logistics in Its Truest Form
—Lieutenant Commander Richard A. Paquette, USN
The 8th Theater Sustainment Command Leads the Way During Pacific Strike 2008—Brigadier General Mark MacCarley
and Lieutenant Colonel Brian F. Coleman
Logistics Transition Team—Captain David A. Betancourt
Preparing for the SBCT’s Blue to Green Transition
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–3) Adam S. Hagenston
Army Logistics Knowledge Management and SALE: A Paradigm
for Military Logistics Transformation
—Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson
Commentary: Contingency Contracting Ruminations
and Recommendations
—Lieutenant Colonel Russ Dunford
R & R: Reading and Reviews