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Log Notes
Letter From Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Transitioning to Support the Future Force
—Lieutenant General Ann E. Dunwoody
Sustaining the Momentum: The 1st Corps Support Command in Iraq
—Brigadier General Yves J. Fontaine and Major Donald K. Wols
1st COSCOM Total Asset Visibility in Iraq—Colonel Mark W. Akin
Distribution Management in the 1st COSCOM—Colonel Mark W. Akin
The New Modular Movement Control Team
—Major Jonathan G. Cameron
Redefining the Role of the BSMC in Operation Iraqi Freedom
—Captain Ralph T. Nazzaro
Preserving Readiness Through Ammunition Packaging
—Robert M. Forreste
A Proposed Modular Distribution Unit
—Captain Jeremy D. Smith
Logistics Synchronization and the Targeting Process
—Major Kenneth W. Letcher
PBUSE in the Global War on Terrorism
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–5) Pablo A. Brown and
Chief Warrant Officer (W–5) Franklin D. Meeks
USAREUR: On Point for Logistics Technology Transformation
—Brian Swan
Supporting SSAs in Iraq With a Hub-and-Spoke System
—Captain Paul E. Williams, USAR
Joint Force Logistics: Understanding Location Basics
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
Forward Support in the Ia Drang Valley—Major Steven M. Leonard
Commentary: Maintenance Evolution
—Master Sergeant James I. Adams, Jr., ILARNG (Ret.)