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Log Notes
Life-Cycle Management: Reducing the Burden on the Soldier
—Major General James H. Pillsbury
Nonstandard Logistics Sustainment Support in the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams
—Gregory L. Alderete
‘Lily-Pad’ Basing Concept Put to the Test
—Captain David C. Chandler, Jr.
Containerizing the Joint Force
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
UltraLog: Securing Logistics Information on the Battlefield
—Commander James C. Workman, USN (Ret.)
Transportation Challenges in Afghanistan
—First Lieutenant Mary K. Blanchfield
Corps Distribution Center Operations in Iraq
—Captain Bret D. Jones, USAR, and
Lieutenant Colonel Emmett C. Schuster, USAR
Improving RFID Technology
—Jeffrey D. Fee and Alan Schmack
The Role of Britain’s 17 Port and Maritime Regiment
in Force Projection

—Major Lyndon M. Robinson, Royal Logistic Corps
The Reality of the Single-Fuel Concept
—Maurice E. Le Pera
Writing for Army Logistician