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Spectrum 1
The SCoE Simulation Center Supports Training for a New Deployment Mission
—Major Jeffrey L. Schultz and Ralph L. Poole
Sustaining an Afghan National Army Embedded Training Team—Major David L. Thompson and Captain Christine M. Rhyne, USAF
Forward Support Company Operations in Haiti—Captain Julio J. Reyes
Increasing and Sustaining the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan—Major Eric R. Peterson
International and Joint Logistics Support: Exercise Talisman Saber—Lieutenant Colonel William C. Johnson, Jr.
The 6th Medical Logistics Management Center—Major Edgar G. Arroyo
The Corps Logistics Planning and Decision Cycle—Lieutenant Colonel Millicen A. Dill
Commentary: A New Approach to Class IX Control—Chief Warrant Officer 4 Martin D. Webb
ALU Lecture Series Supports Cultural Awareness Skills Training—Staff Feature
Improving the Automatic Reset Induction Process—Mark S. Paun
Using Holiday Block Leave to Update Training Materials—Donald D. Copley, Jr., and Rodney Edmond
The Army Airlift Clearance Authority: Speeding Supplies to the Warfighter—Shannon R. Lauber
BCS3: Take Another Look—Lieutenant Colonel Dale Farrand
Aligning Metrics to Achieve Supply Chain Goals—Major Joseph M. Mrozinski
Army Ammunition Management Information System Challenges—Major James M.L. Cook
Commentary: A Case for Contracting in Today’s Environment—Major John P. Kilbride
What DOD Logisticians Should Know About the Coast Guard—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Stephen W. Brown, USCG (Ret.)
Commentary: Excess Equipment: An Embarrassment of Riches—Lieutenant Colonel Dale Farrand
Commentary: Yes, Horatio, It’s Time to Rename the AG Corps—Lyle N. Adams
Spectrum 1
Ammunition Management: A Joint or Army Function?—Colonel Thomas S. Schorr, Jr., and Colonel Kenneth Deal
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WWW Army Sustainment