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From CASCOM: Personnel Services Delivery Redesign
—Lieutenant Colonel Christopher B. Nichols
Contracting Agility in LOGCAP-Kuwait —Colonel Scott S. Haraburda,
Lieutenant Colonel Frances A. Bloom, and Major Robert T. Keck
Planning Initial Reset for Brigade Combat Teams
—Major Jason Tomasetti
Pit Crew Maintenance in the Brigade Support Battalion
—Major Troy K. King
Sustainment-Centric Intelligence—Captain Gregory Larkin
Commentary: Logisticians Are Sustainers, Not Targeters
—Major Donald A. MacCuish
Over There: Army Expeditionary Forces Logistics
in World War I
—Alexander F. Barnes
The 1st Sustainment Brigade in Iraq
Executing Offensive Logistics

—Lieutenant Colonel Todd A. Heussner
Transformation of Finance Operations—Major Thomas A. Buchholz, Captain Nicole M. Ward, and Staff Sergeant James R. Bakie
The Critical Role of Shower, Laundry, and Clothing Repair Teams—Captain James C. Machado
Technology and Daily Management Help CRSPs Move Cargo
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–2) Nadine S. Johnson
The 1st Sustainment Brigade’s Contract Coordination Cell
—Major John R. Caudill
Human Resources Modularity Tested in Iraq
—Captain Xarhya Wulf
The Joint Logistics Analysis Tool—Peter J. Cloutier
and Brian K. Frank
Lightweight Modular Causeway System: Logistics Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration —Margaret A. Deming
Earning a Graduate Degree at ILE —Willis F. Jackson, Jr.,
Gerald J. Leonard, and Gina Smith
No Belts Required: The Advantages and Limitations of Statistical
Quality Control
—Major Donovan O. Fuqua
Log Notes
R & R: Reading and Reviews