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A Fond Farewell—Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
MDMP at the SDDC: The Art and Science of Terminal Operations —Lieutenant Colonel Marshall N. Ramsey and Major Ryon F. Adams
Carrier Association Reporting System
—Fran Willis and Cheryl L. Freeman
Wartime Host Nation Support on the Korean Peninsula
—Lieutenant Colonel Kam S. Gunther
Chinese Logistics Modernization —Captain David A. Payne
New Gear for Afghan Commandos
—Petty Officer First Class David Votroubek, USNR

Enhanced Logistics Tracking and Monitoring Through Sensor Technology—Janina W. Plinsky and Jerry Rodgers
Commentary: Fostering Iraqi Army Logistics Success
—Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Magee, USAR
Field-Portable Propellant Stability Test Equipment
— Elena M. Graves
Stryker Brigade Combat Teams Need Forward Support Companies
—Lieutenant Colonel Danny F. Tilzey, Major Gary Kasavicha,
and Major Charles X. Rote
Successful Implementation of Logistics Support Teams in an SBCT—Lieutenant Colonel Dwayne M. Butler, Major Kenneth C. Bradford,
and Captain Juliane C. Schwetz
Executive Education for Depot and Arsenal Leaders—Jerry Shinn
The Chief of Staff’s Imperatives and the Army Field Support Brigade—Lieutenant Colonel Jordan S. Chroman
On the Road to Condition-Based Maintenance for Army Vehicles —Mark S. Bounds, Mary Calomeris, Michael Pohland,
and Marguerite Shepler
Commentary: A Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance System
— Staff Sergeant Michael Winkler
Branch Brief