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Introducing the Logistics Branch—Staff Feature
In Search of Logistics Visibility: Enabling Effective Decisionmaking
—Lieutenant General C. V. Christianson
The Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Contracting NCO
—Sergeant Major Ethan A. Jones
Logistics Contracts: Tips for Maximizing an Awesome Capability
—Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Freeze and Sari Berman
Stockage Determination Made Easy—Dr. Kenneth Girardini, Eric Peltz, and Chief Warrant Officer (W5) Arthur W. Lackey, USA (Ret.)

Closing the Loop on Property Accountability—Chief Warrant Officer (W–2) Gregory A. Besaw

An Army Revolution in Military Logistics?—Dr. David A. Anderson and Major Dale L. Farrand
Preparing for a Transition Team Assignment in Iraq
—Captain Joshua B. Jordan
Commentary: Design for Six Sigma— Staff Sergeant Michael P. Winkler, USAR
Battlefield Vision: Eyeglasses for the Soldier —Captain Joy A. Schmalzle
Tiedown for Safety and Mission Accomplishment—Colonel Neal H. Bralley, USA (Ret.)
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard? —Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
Applying Lean Principles to Design Effective Supply Chains—Major David R. Gibson
Commentary: Increase Officer Retention —James T. Delisi
Enterprise Resource Planning: The Final (Automated Logistics) Frontier
—Chief Warrant Officer (W5) Antonio Ocasio, USA (Ret.)