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Alog News
Log Notes
Developing a Concept for Joint Distribution
—Mark McTague and Roger Houck
Nanotubes and Antimatter:
Energy Resupply for the Future Battlefield

—Robert E. Garrison and David E. Scharett
MTS: A Success Story for Battlefield Logisticians
—Captain Heather E. Weigner and John E. Laudan
Tracking Materiel From Warehouse to Warfighter
—Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Granata, USMC
1st Infantry Division Movement Control Operations in Iraq
—Captain Henry C. Brown
Combat Service Support in Baghdad
—Captain Kevin M. Baird
LOGCAP 102: An Operational Planner's Guide
—Colonel Karen E. LeDoux
When the Air Force Needs a Lift
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Robert M. Lanning, MOARNG
What DOD Logisticians Should Know About the Army
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
Commentary: The Support Leader Digital Assistant
—Major Holly F. West and Major Elizabeth W. Schott
The LEW: It Keeps Getting Better
—Captain Carl E. Ballinger