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Alog News
Log Notes
Analyzing the Lessons of OIF Distribution — Suzi Thurmond
Planning a CSS Live-Fire Exercise in Korea — Major Leon G. Plummer and Captain Eric A. McCoy
DLA Creates J–4 — Colonel William H. Taylor III and
Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Eddie Murphy
Frontline Support of the First SBCT at War
— Lieutenant Colonel Dennis M. Thompson
Transforming Army Oil Analysis — Captain Daniel A. Jensen
Moving the Army —Texas Style— Staff Feature
The Aviation Support Battalion—Workhorse of Army Aviation
— Major Timothy J. Whalen and Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. Knapp
A Corps Support Battalion’s Experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom— Lieutenant Colonel Andrew W. Bowes and Major Kimberly J. Daub
Supporting the Fight: The FSB — Major Steven M. Leonard
Integrating Units in the BSA — Colonel David W. Vegollo and Major John C. Bivona, Jr.
Commentary: Eliminating the Iron Mountain — Laurel K. Myers, Ph.D.
Commentary: Thinking Joint—Integrating Army Logistics
—Major Lisa A. Zanglin
The Theater Support Command at War — Major General George
William Wells, Jr., USAR
Commentary: Multifunctional Medium Heavy Transportation Company
—First Lieutenant Joseph P. Corrigan, Jr.
ALMC: 50 Years of Excellence Staff Feature